Scene II Theatrical Agency is a full-service talent agency committed to the development and representation of its talented clients. We take great pride that we will be finding professional work for talented young people.

For more information:

  • Will you accept everyone who applies?

    We will only take onto our books clients who fit our standards for successful Artistes, or at the very least show a strong potential to be so. Scene II Theatrical Agency is committed to equal opportunities for all performers, irrespective of race, colour, creed or disability.

  • How can I tell if I'm joining a good and reputable agency?

    The length of time an Agency has been established is usually an indication of their reliability. In this case as we are new, it will be only time that tells. Jacky has been in the entertainment business for over 25 years, previously as an Agent and knows the business inside out. On joining Scene II Agency can you guarantee my child work? No Agency can absolutely guarantee you work. Once your child's photograph is circulated it will be the client’s final decision for each job. What we do guarantee is the fact that we only take clients onto our books that we feel we can successfully place in jobs. Not only does our reputation rest on this fact but remember, when you are out working, so are we. It would be totally non productive to fill our books with clients who have no chance of working.

  • Can you tell me how many jobs I can expect in a year?

    This is an impossible question to answer. Each clients work rate is reliant on many different factors. Some ‘hit it off’ quicker than others and seem to secure every job for which they are auditioned, others take a little longer to warm up, yet once they do there is sometimes no stopping them. A great deal depends on which look and what age group the client requires for the job. But remember some of our biggest ‘stars’ are just normal kids having fun and enjoying themselves.

  • How will I know when a client is interested in me?

    The agency will contact you by telephone to provide you with the details of your booking. Please note that the agency will contact you only when we have a definite booking. The agency is simply too busy to contact you if a client has only expressed an interest or if the agency is in the negotiation stage of the booking.

  • Is there a fee to be represented by your agency?

    No. We do not charge fees for representation. We earn the standard 20% agency commission on TV, Film and Commercials. We take 15% for long runs in the Theatre. How much does it cost?

    The price is £166.00

    This includes:

    £96 Spotlight Fee http://www.spotlight.com/ ( Cheques written directly to Spotlight)
    (Not needed for under 5’s)
    £65 Photo session
    (Not needed for under 5’s)
    £10 Administration

  • NatWest commercial
  • McDonalds commercial
  • Paddy Power commercial
  • GoCompare commercial
  • Jobs and Auditioned attained
  • “Nipper” in UK tour of Oliver
  • 3 kids for Xbox
  • 3 Teenagers for Police crime Video
  • Audition for 3 Disney princesses
  • 4 teenager’s video reel for new presenters
  • Commercial for 2White tac
  • Auditions for: Matilda, Oliver and Billy Elliot, Charlie and the chocolate factory
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