Charges & Fees

Executive Assistants fully tailors its services to the client's needs and the same applies when it comes to agreeing charges. What is set out here are simply examples of possible fee structures and Executive Assistants is keen to agree a fee structure which is appropriate for the client's requirements and needs.

Ad hoc work

Charged on an hourly rate basis, simply as and when work is required.

Appropriate for ad hoc document production, typing or administration tasks, also for some company secretary and consultant services.

Project work

Agreeing a set fee at the beginning of a project, based on an estimation of hours required to complete the project. All or some of the following payment options may apply - Payable in part at the beginning of the project, at intervals during the project and/or with a completion fee at the end of the project.

Appropriate for one off projects such as setting up a contacts database, organising events, managing a visit, carrying out a mailshot. Also for some company secretary and consultant services.

Regular work

Agreeing a retainer for a set amount of hours per week. Invoiced on a monthly basis (either on a pro-rated or strict daily basis), with an option for top-ups as and when required.

Appropriate when taking on regular duties such as managing the diary, taking overflow of calls, administrating email management or for any other regular administrative tasks. Also for regular company secretary services support.